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60" Genuine Toro Hi-Flow Blades 105-7718-03

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Genuine Original Hi Flow Toro Blades part number 105-7718-03.

Original Genuine blades are made with a better quality steel and will have a higher endurance providing you with long, maximized, cutting performance. 

There are also genuine blades for Exmark as well, Toro owns Exmark and most of there Genuine parts including blades interchange. Part number 105-7718 is the same as 105-7718-03, the 03 at the end differentiates the color of the blade, nothing else.

Blade are 20.5" Overall Length, 2.5" Width, .203 Thickness, and has a 5/8" Center Hole.
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OEM Toro Blade 105-7718-03
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