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Grounds Wheelie II Motorless Liquid Chemical Spreader WS-485

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The WS-485 Grounds Wheelie is the most popular sprayer in the Wheel Spray Line and features the motorless system that Wheel Spray Corp. is known for.

The WS-485 is used to apply liquid fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and growth regulators. The twin wheel pumps spray a fan of solution 6’ wide, at the rate of 1000 sq. ft. per gallon. It is equipped with a heavy gauge steel frame and large, easy-to-push, pneumatic rubber tires designed to make pushing easier on hilly or uneven surfaces. The pumping system and the (6) gallon tank are constructed of corrosive resistant materials.

The WS-485 delivers chemical applications that are relatively unchanged by the speed at which the sprayer is pushed. The faster it is pushed, the faster it pumps. When the operator stops, the sprayer stops pumping. The spray pattern (72”) is delivered from (2) nozzles in the form of tiny droplets providing a steady, uniform application that greatly reduces costly chemical drifting.

The shut-off controls, located on the handle, allow the operator to use the nozzles independently; a very popular feature with turf care professionals.
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