Lawn Aerators

Russo Power Equipment offers a wide range of riding, tow-behind, and walk-behind lawn aerators from trusted brands like Toro, Ryan, Classen, and Bluebird. These high-quality machines have built a reputation for effectiveness and durability, and lawn care professionals can deliver great results for years with the right machine.

The Benefits of Aeration

If your turf is starting to look less than perfect or if you notice that water has a hard time penetrating the surface, it may be time to use an aerator. Whether the lawn sees heavy foot traffic or the soil beneath is particularly dense, a lawn aerator can provide a lot of benefits and help it start to look fresh and green again. Aerating your lawn can help make the yard look healthier and improve air exchange through the soil as well as improve water penetration. This process can also increase the uptake and use of fertilizer and other beneficial products while reducing water runoff and creating stronger roots for enhanced heat and drought tolerance. This is also an effective way to reduce the compaction of the soil and improve overall cushioning and resilience.

The Right Equipment for the Right Job

At Russo Power Equipment you can find aerators in a range of sizes and features to match your specific needs. Whether you are working on huge parks and common areas or a number of residential yards, we can help you get the right machine for the job. We offer free shipping on these machines and we can even help you secure financing quickly and easily. Don’t wait to get started on your lawn care projects this year. Take a look at our stock of aerators and find the one that matches your needs today.


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  1. Echo Earth Auger 10" Diameter 99944900200
    Echo Earth Auger 10" Diameter 99944900200 SKU# 999449-00200
    Price $219.99
    Free Shipping
  2. Husqvarna Towable Aerator TA48
    Husqvarna Towable Aerator TA48 SKU# TA48
    Price $1,524.99
    Free Shipping
  3. Husqvarna Towable Aerator TA36
    Husqvarna Towable Aerator TA36 SKU# TA36
    Price $1,419.99
    Free Shipping
  4. Ryan Jr Sod Cutter 18" Brigs & Stratton 205CC 544952
    Free Shipping
  5. Billy Goat  AE900H EZ-Air Hydro Aerator 270CC Honda Engine
    Free Shipping
  6. PLUGR PL835 Pro Lawn Aerator
    PLUGR PL835 Pro Lawn Aerator SKU# PL835
    Price $3,099.99
  7. PLUGR PL815 Pro 30" Lawn Aerator
    PLUGR PL815 Pro 30" Lawn Aerator SKU# PL815
    Price $3,099.99
  8. Husqvarna Aerator AR19BS (19") Briggs & Stratton Engine
    Free Shipping
  9. Ryan Renovaire Aerator 544317
    Ryan Renovaire Aerator 544317 SKU# 544317
    Price $6,299.99
  10. Ryan Lawnaire Tow-Behind Lawn Aerator 544860
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