Toro Snow Blowers and Ariens Snow Throwers

At Russo Power, we only select brands that we know we can trust. Our customers depend on our expertise in power equipment and we simply cannot afford to let them down. These two quality brands represent the best in snow throwing capabilities and come at prices that make sense for our customers.

Toro Snow Throwers

Toro snow blowers are available in a wide variety of styles. From the single stage Power Clear 621 ZR (recoil start) and ZE (electric start) up to the electric start 1800 Power Curve and the Power Clear 418 ZE, which we consider to be the premium edition snow blower. The line of Toro snow throwers includes a model that anyone can get behind, quite literally. In addition, they also make an electric 7.5-Amp Power Shovel snow blower for less intense jobs.

Every model in the line of Toro snow blowers is going to last. Each machine has a particular range of use under particular conditions. So if you just want something to clear away a light dusting from the walk, they offer something for you. But if you are expecting a huge down fall and want a snowthrower that can handle a blizzard, we offer that as well. In fact, the Power Brush 208cc is big enough for huge jobs. The Power Max HD 1128 is a two-stage snowblower with electric start and 342cc that will get through any storm.

Ariens Snow Blowers

Ariens is another company that has come to stand for dependability. Their highest capacity snowblowers are on the bigger side. At 420cc, the Deluxe ST36DLE is a monster two-stage snow blower. Electric start makes it practical and easy to use and you will find that it can clear the way after major storms rather quickly.

Ariens snow throwers range in size and price, but each step of the way you gain the power you need for the job. Before you decide which unit to buy, assess your needs carefully. You can get a great deal on just what you need from these machines.

If you are not sure whether you need a Toro snow thrower or Ariens snow blower, we will be happy to help you find the right machine for you at Russo Power.

Snow Blowers

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