Purchasing pre-owned equipment can be an intimidating proposition. At Russo, we strive to take the guesswork out of buying used. In order to assist you with your purchasing decision, we put our used equipment into three categories; Demo Units, Russo Certified and Pre-Owned.   

So what is Russo Certified?
Glad you asked. Russo certified means the unit has been previously owned and well maintained. These units have met or exceeded the expectations of our comprehensive 50-point inspection and must be less than 4 years old from the original date of purchase.  Each inspection is performed by one of our factory-trained technicians and includes checking the engine, fuel system, pumps, fluids, etc. Every unit that passes our inspection and becomes Russo Certified comes with a 30 day Russo Warranty.*

What’s the difference between a Demo Unit and a Russo Certified unit? 
Every machine categorized as a “Demo Unit” is Russo Certified and these machines have the added benefit of never being previously owned and are covered for the balance of the manufacturer warranty.** Demo machines are used for sales presentations and on-site demos by our customers.

What about those units that don’t qualify as Russo Certified?
If you’re looking for a potential bargain Pre-owned is the category for you. It may be as simple as the unit runs well but it’s older and exceeds the age limit to qualify as Russo Certified. Also, machines sold prior to inspection or falling short of becoming Russo Certified are categorized as Pre-owned. These units may require a time and/or parts investment, but for those with the time and know-how, deals are readily available. All Pre-owned machines are sold “As-is” and carry no warranty.

*The Russo warranty covers manufacturer defects and workmanship for 30 days from purchase.  Abuse, poor fuel quality related issues, lack of oil and neglect are not covered under the Russo warranty.  If a unit is deemed beyond repair, Russo reserves the right to provide store credit for the purchase price or replace the unit at Russo’s sole discretion.

**manufacturer rules and limitations apply.

Used Equipment

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