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Premium Replacement Scag Flat Proof Tire Assembly Enlarge View
Premium Replacement Scag Flat Proof Tire Assembly
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  • Premium Replacement Scag Flat Proof Tire Assembly
  • Premium Replacement Scag Flat Proof Tire Assembly
  • Premium Replacement Scag Flat Proof Tire Assembly
  • Premium Replacement Scag Flat Proof Tire Assembly
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Premium Replacement Scag Flat Proof Solid Tire Assembly

sku# 682134
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Premium Replacement Scag Flat Proof Tire Assembly

Tire is complete with rim and bearings

This tire does not require air, this is a solid foam/rubber tire.

Tire replaces Scag part numbers:
 SMST-61A (S/N 7810001-8609999)
 SMST-61A Sabre Tooth Tiger (S/N A7500001-A7599999)
 SMST-72A (S/N 7820001-8619999)
 SMST-72A (S/N 8610001-8619999)
 SMST-72A Sabre Tooth Tiger (S/N A7600001-A7699999)
 SMST-72A Turf Tiger (S/N A7600001-A7699999)
 SMT-52A (S/N 8560001-8569999)
 SMT-52A Turf Tiger (S/N A7100001-A7199999)
 SMT-61A (31BV) Turf Tiger (S/N A7300001-A7399999)
 SMT-61A (S/N 8570001-8579999)
 SMT-61A Turf Tiger (S/N A7200001-A7299999)
 SMTC-48V (S/N D9100001-D9199999)
 SMTC-48V Tiger Cat (S/N D9100001-D9199999)
 SMWC-52A Wildcat (S/N A5500001-A5599999)
 SMWC-52V (S/N D9200001-D9299999)
 SMWC-52V Tiger Cat (S/N D9200001-D9299999)
 SMWC-61A Wildcat (S/N A5700001-A5799999)
 SMWC-61V (S/N D9300001-D9399999)
 SMWC-61V Tiger Cat (S/N D9300001-D9399999)
 STC48V-19KAI Tiger Cat (S/N E4600001-E4699999)
 STC48V-22FS (S/N F7400001-F7499999)
 STC48V-22FS-LE (S/N F7600001-F7699999)
 STC48V-23CV Tiger Cat (S/N E4700001-E4799999)
 STC48V-25CV (S/N F3900001-F3999999)
 STC48V-25CV (Tiger Cat) (S/N G2700001-G2799999)
 STC48V-25CV Tiger Cat (S/N E9000001-E9099999)
 STC48V-26BS (S/N D6500001-D6599999)
 STC48V-26BS (S/N F4000001-F4199999)
 STC48V-26BS (Tiger Cat) (S/N G2800001-G2899999)
 STC48V-26BS Tiger Cat (S/N E4800001-E4899999)
 STC48V-26BS Tiger Cub (S/N D1300001-D1399999)
 STC48V-651FS (Tiger Cat) (S/N G2600001-G2699999)
 STC52V-23BV (S/N D6600001-D6699999)
 STC52V-23BV Tiger Cub (S/N D1400001-D1499999)
 STC52V-24FX (S/N F4100001-F4199999)
 STC52V-25CV (S/N E2400001-E2499999)
 STC52V-25CV Tiger Cat (S/N E4900001-E4999999)
 STC52V-25CV-FR (S/N E3200001-E3299999)
 STC52V-27CV (S/N F4200001-F4299999)
 STC52V-27CV (Tiger Cat) (S/N G3000001-G3099999)
 STC52V-27CV-SS Tiger Cat (S/N E8900001-E8999999)
 STC52V-691FX (Tiger Cat) (S/N G2900001-G2999999)
 STC61V-23BV (S/N D6400001-D6499999)
 STC61V-23BV Tiger Cub (S/N D1200001-D1299999)
 STC61V-25CV (S/N E2500001-E2599999)
 STC61V-25CV Tiger Cat (S/N E5000001-E5099999)
 STC61V-25CV-FR (S/N E3300001-E3399999)
 STC61V-27CV (S/N F4300001-F4399999)
 STC61V-27CV (Tiger Cat) (S/N G3100001-G3199999)
 STC61V-730FX (Tiger Cat) (S/N G8700001-G8799999)
 STT-27KA Turf Tiger (S/N 9410001-9419999)
 STT-27KA Turf Tiger (S/N A6800001-A6899999)
 STT-29DFI-SS Turf Tiger (S/N A9500001-A9599999)
 STT-29KA-DFI Turf Tiger (S/N 9420001-9429999)
 STT-31BSD (S/N 7800001-8599999)
 STT-31BSD Sabre Tooth Tiger (S/N 9460001-9469999)
 STT-31BSD Sabre Tooth Tiger (S/N A7400001-A7499999)
 STT-31BSG (S/N 7790001-8589999)
 STT-31BV Turf Tiger (S/N 9430001-9439999)
 STT-31BV-SS Turf Tiger (S/N A9600001-A9699999)
 STT52A-23KA (S/N 8480001-8489999)
 STT52A-23KA Turf Tiger (S/N 9350001-9359999)
 STT52A-25CH (S/N 8490001-8499999)
 STT52A-27CH (S/N 8720001-8729999)
 STT52A-27CH Turf Tiger (S/N 9360001-9369999)
 STT52A-27CH Turf Tiger (S/N A5900001-A5999999)
 STT61A-23KA (S/N 7720001-7729999)
 STT61A-23KA (S/N 8500001-8509999)
 STT61A-25CH (S/N 7730001-7739999)
 STT61A-25CH (S/N 8510001-8519999)
 STT61A-27CH (S/N 8730001-8739999)
 STT61A-27CH Turf Tiger (S/N 9380001-9389999)
 STT61A-27CH Turf Tiger (S/N A6000001-A6099999)
 STT61A-27KA (S/N 7740001-7749999)
 STT61A-27KA (S/N 8520001-8529999)
 STT61A-27KA Turf Tiger (S/N 9390001-9399999)
 STT61A-27KA Turf Tiger (S/N A6200001-A6299999)
 STT61A-29DFI-SS Turf Tiger (S/N A6500001-A6599999)
 STT61A-29KA-DFI (S/N 8530001-8539999)
 STT61A-29KA-DFI Turf Tiger (S/N 9400001-9409999)
 STT61A-31BV Turf Tiger (S/N 9640001-9649999)
 STT61A-31BV-SS Turf Tiger (S/N A6700001-A6799999)
 STT72A-27KA (S/N 7750001-7759999)
 STT72A-27KA (S/N 8540001-8549999)
 STT72A-29KA-DFI (S/N 8550001-8559999)
 STWC52A-25KA Wildcat (S/N A8700001-A8799999)
 STWC61A-27CV Wildcat (S/N 9660001-9669999)
 STWC61A-27CV Wildcat (S/N A5600001-A5699999)
SCZ61V-31FX (Cheetah) (S/N F5000001-F5099999)
 SCZ61V-32BV (Cheetah) (S/N F5100001-F5199999)
 SCZ61V-34KH (Cheetah) (S/N F8400001-F8499999)
 SCZ61V-34KH (Cheetah) (S/N G3800001-G3899999)
 SCZ61V-36BV (Cheetah) (S/N G3900001-G3999999)
 SCZ61V-850FX (Cheetah) (S/N G3500001-G3599999)
 SCZ61V-921FX (Cheetah (S/N G3700001-G3799999)
 SCZ72V-34FX (Cheetah) (S/N F5200001-F5299999)
 SCZ72V-34KH (Cheetah) (S/N F8500001-F8599999)
 SCZ72V-34KH (Cheetah) (S/N G4100001-G4199999)
 SCZ72V-36BV (Cheetah) (S/N G4200001-G4299999)
 SCZ72V-921FX (Cheetah) (S/N G4000001-G4099999)
 SMST-61V Sabre Tooth Tiger (S/N B7800001-B7899999)
 SMST-72A Sabre Tooth Tiger (S/N B7900001-B7999999)
 SMST-72A Turf Tiger (S/N E0000001-E0099999)
 SMT-52V Turf Tiger (S/N D9400001-D9499999)
 SMT-61V STT-31EFI Turf Tiger (S/N D9500001-D9599999)
 SMT-61V Turf Tiger (S/N D9500001-D9599999)
 SMT-72VS STT 31EFI Turf Tiger (S/N E3400001-E3499999)
 SMT-72VS Turf Tiger (S/N E3400001-E3499999)
 SMWC-52V (Wildcat) (S/N D9200001-D9299999)
 SMWC-52V Wildcat (S/N B6000001-B6099999)
 SMWC-61V Wildcat (S/N B6100001-B6199999)
 STT-29CH-EFI (Turf Tiger) (S/N G9300001-G9399999)
 STT-29DFI (S/N F6500001-F6599999)
 STT-29DFI-SS Turf Tiger (S/N E4000001-E4099999)
 STT-29DFI-SS Turf Tiger (C8100001-C8109999)
 STT-29DFI-SS Turf Tiger (S/N B7100001-B7199999)
 STT-31BSD-SS Sabre Tooth Tiger (S/N B7700001-B7799999)
 STT-31EFI-SS (S/N F6600001-F6699999)
 STT-31EFI-SS (Turf Tiger) (S/N G5700001-G5799999)
 STT-31EFI-SS Turf Tiger (S/N E5500001-E5599999)
 STT-35BV-SS Turf Tiger (C8200001-C8299999)
 STT-35BV-SS Turf Tiger (S/N B7300001-B73999999)
 STT-35BVAC (S/N F6700001-F6799999)
 STT-35BVAC (Turf Tiger) (S/N G5800001-G5899999)
 STT-35BVAC-SS Turf Tiger (S/N E5500001-E5599999)
 STT-35BVAC-SS Turf Tiger (C8400001-C8499999)
 STT-35BVAC-SS Turf Tiger (S/N C0300001-C0399999)
 STT-791DFI (Turf Tiger) (S/N G5600001-G5699999)
 STT52V-25CH-LP (S/N F5300001-F5399999)
 STT52V-27CH (S/N F5400001-F5499999)
 STT52V-27CH (Turf Tiger) (S/N G4600001-G4699999)
 STT52V-27CH Turf Tiger (C7300001-C7399999)
 STT52V-27CH Turf Tiger (S/N B6200001-B6299999)
 STT52V-27CH Turf Tiger (S/N D7400001-D7499999)
 STT52V-29CH-EFI (Turf Tiger) (S/N G9100001-G9199999)
 STT61V-25CH-LP (S/N F5500001-F5599999)
 STT61V-25KBD-SS (Turf Tiger) (S/N D1000001-D1099999)
 STT61V-25KBD-SS (Turf Tiger) (S/N D7900001-D7999999)
 STT61V-27CH (S/N F5500001-F5599999)
 STT61V-27CH (Turf Tiger) (S/N D7500001-D7599999)
 STT61V-27CH (Turf Tiger) (S/N G4800001-G4899999)
 STT61V-27CH Turf Tiger (C7400001-C7499999)
 STT61V-27CH Turf Tiger (S/N B6300001-B6399999)
 STT61V-27CH Turf Tiger (S/N D7500001-D7599999)
 STT61V-27CH-NS Turf Tiger (C7500001-C7599999)
 STT61V-27CH-NS Turf Tiger (S/N B6400001-B6499999)
 STT61V-27CH-SS Turf Tiger (C7600001-C7699999)
 STT61V-27CH-SS Turf Tiger (S/N B6500001-B6599999)
 STT61V-27KA (S/N F5700001-F5799999)
 STT61V-27KA (Turf Tiger) (S/N D7600001-D7699999)
 STT61V-27KA Turf Tiger (C7700001-C7799999)
 STT61V-27KA Turf Tiger (S/N B6600001-B6699999)
 STT61V-27KA Turf Tiger (S/N E4200001-E4299999)
 STT61V-27KA-SS Turf Tiger (C7800001-C7899999)
 STT61V-27KA-SS Turf Tiger (S/N B6700001-B6799999)
 STT61V-29CH-EFI (Turf Tiger) (S/N G9200001-G9299999)
 STT61V-29DFI (S/N F5900001-F5999999)
 STT61V-29DFI-LE (S/N F6000001-F6099999)
 STT61V-29DFI-SS (Turf Tiger) (S/N D7700001-D7799999)
 STT61V-29DFI-SS Turf Tiger (C7900001-C7999999)
 STT61V-29DFI-SS Turf Tiger (S/N B6800001-B6899999)
 STT61V-29DFI-SS Turf Tiger (S/N E3900001-E3999999)
 STT61V-31EFI-SS (S/N F6100001-F6199999)
 STT61V-31EFI-SS (Turf Tiger) (S/N D7900001-D7999999)
 STT61V-31EFI-SS (Turf Tiger) (S/N G5200001-G5299999)
 STT61V-31EFI-SS Turf Tiger (S/N E3700001-E3799999)
 STT61V-35BV-SS (Turf Tiger) (S/N D7800001-D7899999)
 STT61V-35BV-SS Turf Tiger (C8000001-C8099999)
 STT61V-35BV-SS Turf Tiger (S/N B7000001-B7099999)
 STT61V-35BVAC (S/N F6300001-F6399999)
 STT61V-35BVAC (Turf Tiger) (S/N G5400001-G5499999)
 STT61V-35BVAC-SS Turf Tiger (C8300001-C8309999)
 STT61V-35BVAC-SS Turf Tiger (S/N C0200001-C0209999)
 STT61V-35BVAC-SS Turf Tiger (S/N E5400001-E5499999)
 STT61V-750KA (Turf Tiger) (S/N G4900001-G4999999)
 STT61V-791DFI (Turf Tiger) (S/N G5100001-G5199999)
 STWC48V-25CV (S/N F4400001-F4499999)
 STWC48V-26KA-LC (S/N F4500001-F4599999)
 STWC52V-25KA (Wildcat) (S/N D6900001-D6999999)
 STWC52V-25KA Wildcat (S/N B5400001-B5499999)
 STWC52V-25KA Wildcat (S/N C6500001-C6599999)
 STWC52V-26FX (S/N F4600001-F4699999)
 STWC52V-26KA-LC (S/N F4700001-F4799999)
 STWC52V-26KA-LC (Wildcat) (S/N D7000001-D7099999)
 STWC52V-26KA-LC Wildcat (S/N B5500001-B5599999)
 STWC52V-26KA-LC Wildcat (S/N C6600001-C6699999)
 STWC61V-26KA-LC (S/N F4800001-F4899999)
 STWC61V-26KA-LC (Wildcat) (S/N D7100001-D7199999)
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Hub: Centered
Ply: 4 ply
Tire Size: 13X6.5X6
Tread: Smooth
Type: Tubeless
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