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RoundUp QuikPRO 1.5oz Packets (30 Packets) Dry Pro Weed Killer - Quick QuickPro Enlarge View
RoundUp QuikPRO 1.5oz Packets (30 Packets) Dry Pro Weed Killer - Quick QuickPro
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Roundup QuikPro 1.5oz Packets (30 Pack)

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5-Pack (1.5 oz.) Roundup QuikPro Herbicide with Diquat and Glyphosate
Dry concentrate non-selective herbicide which combines the systemic action of Glyphosate (active ingredient in Roundup, Rodeo, Gallup and others) with quick knockdown power of Diquat.

Quikpro is one of the newer products designed by Monsanto, one which has been highly anticipated by agricultural and turf industries as well as the general public. 
Roundup has long been a trusted product to use when total vegetation kill of both weeds and grasses is needed. One of the more desirable characteristics of Roundup is its ability to provide a quick and thorough kill of undesirable vegetation without lingering in the soil for long periods of time. Diquat has been added to Roundup (in this formulation) to provide customers with a faster kill. Long time users of Diquat prefer its ability to give a quick burn down of plant leaves and (as is seen with Glyphosate) its lack of undesirable residual in surrounding soil. Heavy herbicides such as Trimec, Manage and Image can remain in the soil for several weeks, making it difficult to sod or seed new lawns or plant other desirable vegetation after a short time lapse between spraying and replanting. Glyphosate and Diquat (the active ingredients in Quikpro herbicide) do not remain in the soil for such long periods. New plants can usually be planted a couple of weeks after applying Quickpro herbicide. 

Product Description:
This product is a post emergent, systemic herbicide with no soil residual activity. It is generally non-selective and gives broad spectrum control of many annual weeds, perennial weeds, woody brush and trees. It is formulated as a water-soluble granule containing surfactant and no additional surfactant is needed or recommended. It may be applied through most standard sprayers after dissolution and thorough mixing with water according to label directions.  
Active Ingredients:
Glyphosate, N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine, in the form of its ammonium salt - 73.3%
Diquat dibromide [6,7-dihydrodipyrido(1,2-a:2', 1'-c) pyrazinediium dibromide] - 2.9%
Other Ingredients - 23.8%
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