RedMax CHT220L (24") Hedge Trimmer 21.7cc 0630

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RedMax CHT220L (24") Hedge Trimmer 21.7cc

The CHT220L is a high quality homeowner hedge trimmer designed for demanding conditions. The double sided 24" cutter bar provides the operator with the reach and efficency to get the job done quickly and precisely. An adjustable, three position rear handle can quickly be put into the position best suited for the task at hand. To reduce the likelihood of leg injury, a safety bar comes standard

Engine Specification
Cylinder displacement 21.7 cc
Power output 0.8 hp 
Maximum Power Speed 7800 RPM
Maximum recommended engine speed 9000 RPM
Fuel tank volume 12.2 fl oz
Fuel consumption 575 g/kWh
Spark Plug NGK CMR6A
Electrode gap 0.02"
Air filter type Foam

Overall Dimensions
Weight 9.9 lbs

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