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Russo Power Equipment proudly offers a line of Kawasaki leaf blowers to meet any of your outdoor cleaning and clearing needs. Whether you're collecting fallen autumn leaves for bagging, blowing a baseball dugout clean of sunflower seeds, or cleaning up sawdust after a house framing, a Kawasaki leaf blower will fill your needs.

Russo offers a line of three backpack Kawasaki leaf blowers -- Model KRB750A, Model KRB650B and Model KRB750B -- to handle any of your larger jobs. These models weight approximately 20 pounds yet feel almost weightless when worn as a backpack. Using any of these backpack models will provide you with an air volume of 720 to 800 cfm at an air velocity of 200 mph. All Kawasaki backpack leaf blower models meet California Tier III and EPA Phase 2 emission standards.

Russo Power Equipment stocks one handheld Kawasaki leaf blower for your smaller clean-up needs. Model KHR300A weighs under 10 pounds yet provides an air volume of 450 cfm at an air velocity of 125 mph. This model is unavailable in California.

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