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Scag Mower Belts

Scag Mower Belts

Replacing Scag Mower Belts

Just like in your car or truck, mower belts are likely to be some of the first parts that will wear out on your Scag power mower. If your mower does not seem to be cutting the grass correctly, it may be because the Scag mower belts that turn the blades have worn out and are broken. Often times the belt will simply fall off into the grass. Depending on the type of Scag mower you have, you may need to replace both the blade belt as well as the transmission belt. You can rely on Russo Power Equipment for all of your mower belt replacement needs.

Walk-Behind or Ride-On Mower?

Ride-on power mowers have both a transmission belt and a belt that turns the blades. If you have a Scag ride-on mower and you are not sure if you need the belts replaced, review the manual to determine how long the belts are expected to last. If the blade belt breaks you will know right away as the blades will no longer turn and the mower will no longer cut grass. However, the transmission belt should be changed before it breaks, if possible.

Walk-behind mowers only have the one belt which turns the blades. If you see it fall out of the mower, or if the mower stops cutting grass, it is time for a replacement Scag mower belt. If you hear a loud squeaking noise, if the blades slips often, or if you smell burnt rubber, it is also time to check the belts.

New Scag Mower Belts

To replace mower belts, we recommend using only brand name replacement parts. Scag brand replacement mower belts are durable and guaranteed to fit just right and work perfectly with you Scag mower. If you have any questions about which Scag mower belts are appropriate for your mower, do not hesitate to give us a call and one of our employees would be happy to assist you.

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