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Scag Clutches

Scag Clutches

Scag Mower Clutches Provide Dependability

At Russo Power Equipment, we make it a priority to provide a wide range of clutches for both electric and gas mowers. We make sure our customers will always receive the high quality part that their mower needs for a smooth and dependable mow, every time. Our Scag mower clutches are meant to be used with Scag mowers, ensuring the right fit and performance when the clutch needs to be replaced. For all of your mower needs, you can depend on Russo Power.

How Often Does a Scag Mower Clutch Need to be Changed?

Since a mower clutch works so hard they do become worn out overtime. The life of a Scag mower clutch will depend on how often you use your mower, how large a space you mow each time, and the age of the mower and clutch.

Scag lawn mower clutches are essential for the proper function of the mower. If the clutch is worn out, your mower will stop working or can even be damaged. The clutch is responsible for stopping the mower blades from spinning while the engine is engaged. If you want to change the speed or if you wish to empty the catcher, the clutch is essential. For your safety, and so your Scag lawn mower is always operational, be sure to replace the clutch as soon as you suspect it is not working properly.

Rely on Quality Parts at the Right Price

In order to ensure that your Scag lawn mower works well for the long term, be sure to replace all parts with only high quality Scag mower replacement parts. Russo Power Equipment offers the best parts at great prices so that you can rely on the consistency of Scag for the life of your mower. Contact us today if you are unsure what kind of mower clutch, or any other part, you may need for your mower.

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