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Toro Spindles

Toro Spindles

Why it is Important to Replace Your Toro Mower Spindle

Your spindle needs to be in good shape for your mower to work properly. Think about how the blade is attached to the rest of the mower and how if it is not attached properly, the end-result after you mow will be disappointing. The same is also true for the mower’s spindle.

Toro Mower Spindles

The spindle is the piece of machinery that holds the mower blade and the axle that the blade rotates around when cutting grass. Bent or loose mower spindles can result in uneven cutting of the grass. If you notice your mower cutting grass in this manner, your spindles may be either broken, bent, or loose.

Spindles often are damaged by running into items such as large rocks or tree roots while using your ride-on mower. If you have a push-behind mower, you can damage or break spindles by mowing over a rock or even a concrete sidewalk.

Spindles can also deteriorate after years of use. Similar to other parts of your mower, spindles wear and tear with use. Luckily they can be repaired safely and relatively easily. As with all repairs, make sure you remove the spark wire from the spark plug so that your mower does not start accidentally during the repair process. Also, always remember to wear protective gloves.

Finding the Right Quality Parts

Russo Power provides a large range of Toro lawn mower spindles for both Toro Residential and Toro Commercial mowers. In addition to the spindles themselves, Russo Power also provides replacement parts for spindles.

Toro Mower Parts at Great Prices

Russo Power provides high-quality Toro spindles and spindle replacement parts at low prices. In addition, we also provide free parts look up and parts breakdowns to make sure you purchase the right spindle for your Toro lawn mower. At Russo Power, we want to make sure that your mower is back into working order, as soon as possible.

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