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Power Rakes

Power Rakes

Dethatchers / Power Rakes

Russo Power has Power Rake / Detachers from the best brands in the industry including Husqvarna, Parker, Bluebird, and Classen. We sell parts to help you maintain your power equipment year round.

Essential Power Rake Function

Power rakes are pulled crosswise over the surface of a garden to cut and lift partitions of dead yard thatch to the surface of the garden. The cutting edges are outlined to arrive at down past the green grass razor sharp edges into the thatch layer above the soil yet not down into the roots. Power rakes are regularly called de-thatching rakes since this is their principle reason. The cut thatch pieces are then raked up and tossed. Whenever a garden has its abundance thatch uprooted, water and connected nutrients achieve the roots and soil straight and keep the grass green and normal. A minor sum of thatch is exceptional yet much else besides a 1/4-to 1/2-crawl ought to be thinned. There are two primary sorts of power rakes those that are manual and need savage quality to force the slicing cutting edge through the grass thatch and the previously mentioned that are mechanized to do a portion of the strenuous work for you.

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