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Seeders / Overseeders

Seeders / Overseeders


Overseeders mix the benefits of power raking/detaching and laying seed in one easy step. Russo Power sells quality overseeders from brands like Ryan and Bluebird.

Bluebird Overseeders

The S22 Seeder is decently adjusted and transportable because of the situation of the seed container and its folding handle. The 30-lb limit polymer container headlines a post window and is mounted in the back to guarantee more straightforward maneuverability and insignificant seed harm throughout overseeding. The seed door is movable to accommodate an expansive run of grass seed.

Billy Goat Overseeders

Billy Goat's self-moved overseeder lessens exhaustion connected with prodding and headlines natural advance and reverse driver controls. Now you can verticut and overseed all in one pass! Self-propelled hydrostatic drive for infinite speed control. Exclusive Auto Drop™ system conserves valuable seed is available on some models of their overseeders. New foot-actuated height adjust and blade design as well! Whenever the time is now's to restore your yard, Clean Up with Billy Goat!

Classen Overseeders

Classen turf overseeders make it straightforward and helpful to seed another yard, or overseed an existing garden. The front seed drop guarantees catch-up soil scope for preferred seed germination. The special configuration of the edges, with a bleeding edge on both closes, pairs the razor sharp edge essence. Handles overlay effectively, for transportability and space. Classen turf overseeders change over in minutes to a rake with catcher pack or vertical cutter. Decide on standard or self-moved models. Classen... grim yard forethought made straightforward!

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