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Weed & Lawn Sprayers

Russo Power Equipment carries a range of lawn sprayers that can be used on many different sites. We have manual weed sprayers that are perfect for use in residential locations as well as walk-behind and ride-on sprayers for the really big jobs. These tools provide an effective method to deliver just the right amount of material to the right place, and we are committed to providing some of the best prices on popular brand name equipment.

Getting Results from Your Sprayer

Chemical sprayers allow you to measure the exact amount of material for each job so you won’t ever use too much or too little to be effective. You can easily adjust the spray to provide either complete coverage in thick blasts or a fine mist to just touch on the plants. These devices give you precise control over the start and stop of the spray to make sure you don’t let the chemicals go where they shouldn’t.
We offer backpack sprayers, some with lumbar support, and hand sprayers that can be carried where they’re needed. These weed sprayers also come in different capacities, so if you are just spot-treating small areas you don’t have to carry around a large tank. On the other hand, we have models with a large enough capacity for professional landscapers. Take a look at our current stock and order yours today.

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