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TreeGator Watering Bags

TreeGator Watering Bags

Treegator Watering Bags

Whether you are planning to be away for a while or you simply do not want to worry about a newly planted tree, Treegator watering bags are the ideal solution. These bags are the original slow release watering bags and have been used, tested, and improved upon since 1991. You can rely on the durability and efficiency of watering bags to take care of any trees that you have recently planted and want to ensure are given the appropriate amount of water. At Russo Power Equipment we stock a wide range of irrigation products, including the trusted Tree Gator watering bags. These bags deliver water directly to the root system of your newly planted tree.

Treegator Jr Pro 15 Gallon Watering Bag

The Treegator Jr Pro 15 Gallon Watering Bag is the smallest style of Tree Gator bags we offer. It is a ring-like watering bag with a break in one side so that it can easily be slipped around the base of the tree. Unlike other bags, it is brown and lies flat on the ground so it is less visible and will blend in with your landscaping. The Treegator Jr Pro works great for smaller trees and even bushes. This type of bag can be used on trees and bushes that have branches growing as low as 6” from the ground. Just like other styles, you simply put the unfilled bag around the trunk of the tree or bush, fill with a hose, and leave it to dispense water slowly over time.

Treegator Original 20 Gallon Watering Bag

The Treegator Original Watering Bag is a larger model, offering 20 gallons of water per fill. It sits upright along the truck of the tree which helps deliver water directly to the root system of the tree without running off or evaporating. This design allows for use with young trees that range in size from one to five inches in diameter.

Tree Watering Bags

No matter which tree watering bags you choose, you will benefit from our discounts when you order a larger quantity. Order yours today to give your new trees a better chance to reach their full potential. For more information on these watering bags or any of our other products order online or call our customer support team. Contact Russo Power Equipment today. We take the hard work out of yard work!

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