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Turf and Tree Chemicals

Turf and Tree Chemicals

Weed Control Products

Russo Power Equipment offers a range of turf and tree chemicals for effective weed control and better landscaping results. We make it easy to find affordable herbicides and pesticides so you can take care of those problems that threaten the appearance and health of the yard. We can provide the lawn care chemicals as well as the accessories and tools to measure precise amounts and create the appropriate mixes. Whether you’re looking for broad-spectrum control of weeds, brush, and other unwanted growths or something more specific to deal with a new problem, you can find what you need right here.

Getting Great Results

Before you use any lawn and weed control products, be sure to read the label carefully and follow the instructions. The label will list the weeds that it can control, and it will tell you if it is safe to use around the desirable plants in your lawn or garden. Failure to follow instructions means that you won’t be able to control the weeds in the area, and you could damage the plants you want to grow or even limit the ability to replant something else. Also, be aware that excess herbicides can get washed away with runoff water, limiting its ability to control weeds and potentially harming the local waterways.
Order your weed control products today and get a jump on those unwanted weeds and other pests that threaten your lawn.

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