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Tiny Tach Hour Meter for Gas Engines TT2A

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Hour meter/Tachometer is made in the USA by the Tiny Tach company, factory sealed in original packaging with instructions

Tiny Tach number TT2A
Simple to operate - Reliable and economical
 RPM adjustable from 1 spark per 2 revolutions to 8 sparks per revolution
 Faster 1/2 second RPM update time
 0 to 19,999 RPM display
 Total run time tracking and recording
 Job timer to track and record intervals and then reset to "0"
 Single coax cable to carry signal without EMF interference
 1 Antenna cable winds around your spark plug wire to give you the RPM reading-clean and simple to attach
 Built to with stand moisture and vibration

This item ships out Ground at no additional charge.
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