Pruning and Trimming Tools & Equipment

At Russo Power Equipment we stock a wide range of high-quality trimming and pruning tools. Our current selection includes grass hooks, hand pruners, hand saws, loppers, shears, and more. We also offer equipment like extension poles and holder pouches that can make the job much more convenient and help you care for your tools. Whether you are working as a professional landscaper or just trying to keep your own yard looking nice, we have a great selection at affordable prices.

Pruning for Health, Safety and Appearance

Pruning and trimming trees and shrubs helps improve the appearance and health of the plants while minimizing the dangers of infested or dead branches and limbs. Our tree trimming tools can help you get rid of infected branches before they kill the entire tree, and you can open up the foliage to allow better air circulation and sunlight penetration.
Of course, sometimes it’s just about creating a better appearance. As trees and shrubs start to grow out of control, you can use your pruning equipment to create a more pleasing shape and avoid problems with branches getting in the way of visibility.
Take a look at our current stock of pruning tools and find the equipment you need today. We are committed to providing the best prices on some of the most trusted brands in the industry. Place your order today and get your landscaping projects started right.

Pruning and Trimming Tools

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  1. Corona AC8300 Sharpening Tool
    Corona AC8300 Sharpening Tool SKU# AC8300
    Price $6.99
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