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All Gear Professional Arborist Black Jack Climbing Kit (Small)

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All Gear Professional Arborist Black Jack Climbing Kit (Small)

These climbing kits contain arborist essentials to keep you climbing, in one cost-effective package. We combine quality gear and savings to keep you moving. Built for comfort and practicality, this kit is made for carrying and organizing tools in style and comfort.

"Black Jack" Climbing Saddle is a tree climbing harness for double-roped technique or single-roped climbing technique. Climb in Style... with our super lightweight SRT climbing saddle! Our premium red waistbelt & leg loop buckles allow for a quick secure lock with no slippage. Constructed a breathable, quick-dry fabric designed for comfort. Extra wide leg loops maximize support and allow for ease of leg movement. Quality colored rings add visibility & high style design.

Organize and store throw lines and weights with the Weaver 08-07190 throw line cube storage bag roomy cube that folds down to a compact triangle. Durably constructed cube offers plenty of storage with a roomy outside pocket and two smaller interior pockets. Great for both aerial and ground people. End of throw line secures with a hook and loop strap and dee ring. Cube measures 16.5" and collapses to a small triangle that is secured with a hook and loop strap.

At Height, heavy duty rope and gear bucket backpack are constructed durably with one flat side and two shoulder straps. These bags can be carried like a bucket or on your shoulder for heavyweights or long distance walking. Made with thick 680 gr/m2 PVC material. Plastic inserts to keep the bag upright when empty. Side pockets with Velcro® flaps allow you to store even more.

All Gear Inc "Rocket Line™" is a 7/16" or 11.5mm 24-Strand Polyester Cover, a 16-Strand Polyester Core and a Cabled and Twisted Center Core. An Arborist Line with the Neon Yellow and Bright Red! Quality engineering and construction are guaranteed by premium fibers and excellent quality control. The "Rocket Line™" provides you with the ability to increase safety and a good firm construction keeps the line round for high performance.

The At Height DMM hitch climber triple attachment pulley combines the high efficiency of our pulleys with a small three-hole rigging plate to give an extremely versatile piece of equipment. It can obviously be used as a standard pulley, but the additional holes allow it to be guided or controlled without adding any complication into the system. All the edges are rope and textile friendly allowing direct attachment that minimizes bulk and maximizes versatility. Pre-lubricated Oilite bushing gives minimal efficiency losses and minimal maintenance requirements.

Add in an osprey autolocking oval-shaped carabiner is made with a high-quality, durable aluminum, with smooth gate and sleeve action and key lock design. 

This 8mm Bee-Line eye and eye cord are long-lasting and high performing. Yale Cordage's technora/poly cover provides excellent heat resistance. It features two spliced eyes. Professionally spliced by the experts at ABR.

This At Height Braided Safety Blue Single Positioning  Hi-Vee Lanyard With Aluminum Lock Snap work positioning lanyard is made from 16-strand New England Hi-Vee rope. It combines features that ensure unparalleled safety, ergonomics, and durability. The blue core of Braided Safety Blue® is exposed when the rope suffers deep damage or has worn down to a certain point so that it should be discarded. As a full 12.7 mm rope, Braided Safety Blue® goes easy on your hands. This allows you to work longer and avoid injury. Where durability is concerned, Braided Safety Blue‘s® design and detailed workmanship are unrivaled. The additional step of plying the yarns in the strands results in a firmer, rounder, and more durable strand. Other 16-strand ropes skip this step, which makes them more susceptible to abrasion and thus also shortens their life spans.

U.S. Rigging Supply USR-MRG-200 ProClimb Aluminum Mini Rope Grab easily slides in one direction, then locks in place as tension is applied in the opposite direction. Made of durable hard anodized aluminum. For use on 11mm to 16mm diameter ropes. This is a popular style for arborists, fits, and functions like other popular brands. The threaded bolt as opposed a detent pin is safer for arborists.

Weaver 08-98319-O 14oz Orange Cordura Throw Bag's aerodynamic design helps increase the range of the throw. The moving action of the #8 shot that fills these Cordura® weights helps prevent the weights from hanging up in tree branches.The coated lead shot is contained in a latex pouch for environmental protection. A 7/8" nickel plated ring for attachment of a rope or poly pilot line is box-stitched to each weight. Blaze Orange. Weight is screen printed on throw-weight for easy identification.

Kit Includes:
(1) Black Jack Saddle SM 
(1) 120' Rocket Line w/Sewn-Eye 
(3) Osprey Carabiners 
(1) 32" Beeline Prusik 
(1) Hitch Climber Pulley 
(1) 12' Hi-Vee Lanyard 
(1) Micro Adjuster  
(1) Bulls Eye Throw Line 
(1) 14oz Throw Bag 
(1) Throw Line Cube 
(1) 40 Liter Bucket Back Pack 

All Gear AGCSB-SR Small BlackJack Tree Climbing Saddle
Waistbelt: 65 - 100 cm

Leg loops: 50 - 65 cm
Weight: 1390 g

All Gear Inc AG24SP716120RYSP 7/16" x 120'  Rocket Line Arborist Rope with Spliced Eye
Size: 7/16" x 120'
Average Break Strength: 6,300 lbs
Color: Neon Yellow and Bright Red 

Sterling Ropes HWOSPREYALB Osprey Autolocking Oval Carabiner
Major Axis: 25kN
Minor Axis: 11kN
Open: 6kN 

At Height 3351324 32" 8 mm BeeLine Eye & Eye Prusik
Length: 32" 
Diameter: 8 mm 
Average Break Strength: 8,000 lbs
Average Break Strength: 3629 kg
Weight: 3.7 lbs per 100ft
Weight: 7.1 kg per 100m 

At Height Inc PUL100RD Red Hitch Climber Triple Attachment Pulley
Weight (grams):13
Compatible with Rope Diameter Range:Max 14mm
Dimensions:94 x 68 x 33mm

At Height 4221124CA 12' x 1/2" Braided Safety Blue Single Positioning  Hi-Vee Lanyard With Aluminum Lock Snap
Diameter: 1/2"
Color: Hi-Vee
Termination: Sewn
Hardware: CT Aluminum 

U.S. Rigging Supply USR-MRG-200 ProClimb Aluminum Mini Rope Grab
Weight: 11 oz
Finish: Hard anodized
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Net Weight: 6.4oz
Rope Sizes: 16mm (7/16 in-5/8 in)

A: 2.87 in
B:1.26 in 

Weaver 08-98319-O 14oz Orange Cordura Throw Bag
Weight: 14oz

Color: Blaze Orange
Ring Size: 7/8" 
Materials: Nickel plated ring, nylon, coated lead shot, latex

Weaver 08-07190 Throw Line Cube Storage Bag
Collapses to a triangle for easy storage.

Cube: 16.5" 

At Height Inc AP-SBP-040-G 40L Heavy Duty Rope and Gear Bucket Backpack
Capacity: 40L
Shoulder straps: 2
Webbing handles: 2 
Racking ladder for accessories
Available in different colors

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