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At Height Inc

Akimbo is a versatile mid-line attachable friction device that allows climbers to ascend and descend a stationary or moving rope system without changing equipment, and without detaching from your saddle. Adjustable settings allow for optimal performance with a range of climber weights and rope diameters.

*Rope selection will determine working load limit of the Akimbo.

*Only use ropes approved by Rock Exotica.


  • Opens easily to install/remove rope mid-line, without detaching from harness.
  • Accepts wide range of rope sizes (See list of approved ropes).
  • Friction adjusts easily without tools.
  • Suitable for both SRS and MRS climbing methods.
  • SRS chest attachment wire gate provides quick connect/disconnect for cord or small carabiner.
  • Ascend, descend and position in the canopy without changing equipment.
  • Lightweight and compact.
Sku RG80
Weight 9.2oz
Rope Sizes 11.5mm - 13mm
Working Load Limit 100kg or 130kg (220lb or 286lb)
Certification CE
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