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BCS America Power Sweeper 30 in.

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Despite being classified as a “snow removal” attachment, BCS’s Power Sweeper can be used for a multitude of tasks. Sweeping snow is the most popular job associated with this attachment, but its heavy-duty nylon bristles can sweep away debris on asphalt parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, rooftops and more.

The angle of BCS’s sweeper can quickly and easily be adjusted during operation with a handlebar from the operator's position. Two caster wheels, one on each side, allow for premium maneuverability, and they can be adjusted to various heights with spacers. BCS’s sweeper follows the contours of the ground independently from the tractor with an oscillating swivel-joint in the mounting flange.

Applications for the Power Sweeper include:

Snow removal

Parking lot, driveway and sidewalk clean-up

Spring cleaning—remove road salt, cinders and sand from lawns after winter

Dethatching—pick and lift dead grass, leaves and other debris to simultaneously windrow it for easy collection

Construction site clean-up

Dock clean-up

Roof clean-up


  • 30'', 40'', and 48'' widths
  • Change 3 directional angles effortlessly from operator’s position
  • Watch Now: Click to see the Power Sweeper in action on YouTube
  • Adjustable caster wheels allow for wide range of applications
  • Heavy duty nylon bristles provide long life
  • Swivel joint in mounting allows sweeper to follow ground contours
  • Wire bristles also available
  • Hardened steel gears and ball bearings in oil bath
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