National Aerate Your Lawn Day

Aeration Basics

Many people overlook lawn aeration, but it's important to know that August through October is an ideal time to aerate your lawn or have it done professionally! Ryan has announced its second annual National Aerate your Lawn Day. Landscapers should be taking full advantage of this timeframe and educating their customers on the importance of aeration.

Why should you aerate your lawn?

Fertilizers, oxygen, and water can reach the roots of your grass easily when you loosen the soil. Aerating also breaks up thatch.It is also critical for areas of grass that have a lot of foot or car traffic. These areas tend to have more compressed soil and need their soil loosened more frequently. 

What is thatch?

Thatch is the dead grass that builds up between the grass and the roots below it. If this layer becomes too thick, fertilizers and nutrients cannot reach the roots below. This can affect your grass's growth and health.

Grass Layers

Why should your company offer aeration services?

Many homeowners do not invest in having their own aerators since aeration does not need to happen frequently. Therefore, they are relying on their landscapers to offer these services.

Will offering aeration services help your business grow?

Aeration can be a time for landscapers to expand their business. By offering a new service, you can be more profitable without necessarily having to find new clientele.

Aeration is necessary in order to allow a lawn to grow and breath properly. Whether you aerate your lawn yourself or hire an expert, the fall is one of the best times to treat your lawn!

Information from: Landscape Management Staff and The Spruce-David Beaulieu.

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