Next Generation of Slope Mowers

Looking for a mower made for slopes and high grass? Russo Power Equipment has recently started selling mowers from AS-Motor, a German based company. We are the only dealer in the Chicagoland area. Michael Hess of AS-Motor came to the Russo location in Elgin to share information about the unique capabilities of these mowers, specifically the AS 940 SHERPA RC (36").

The AS 940 is a ride-on, slope mower that can also be operated by remote control. This capability allows landscapers and lawn care experts to successfully mow uncomfortable slopes and steep terrain with a controller.


What is the remote control option used for?

The remote control can be used to cut slopes that you may not feel comfortable riding on. The use of the remote control is also fitting for more risky situations including: cutting under trees, near wasp nests, or along sharp hedges.

What is the biggest slope the machine can handle?

When using the remote operation feature, the mower can operate on a maximum incline of 33 degrees. However for the safety of the rider, the ride-on mode can only operate on inclines of up to 21 degrees.

What special features does this machine offer for slope riding?

This machine comes equipped with all-wheel drive and field stud tires. This provides traction when the mower is being operated uphill. It also assures safe braking when coming downhill and switchable limited slip differential.

AS 940 Sherpa RC

What is the maximum distance for the remote control feature?

The remote control feature works for up to 300 meters. Although it is not recommended to control the mower from that far away.

Is it convenient to switch from the RC setting to the ride-on setting?

There is a lever that switches the mower quickly and easily.

Information from: AS-Motor

Russo carries the AS-MOTOR AS 940 SHERPA RC (36") ride-on slope mower

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