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Holder C70 Tractor

The Holder C70 with winter attachments is in stock at Russo and ready to handle your toughest snow jobs this winter! These tractors have done more work, more efficiently than competitors. Learn more about the specific features of this Holder Tractor. 

C70 Equipment

    Cabin Includes
  • Air conditioning
  • 360° circumferential visibility
  • Sliding windows
  • Heated windshield and mirrors
    Operating Console
  • Adjustable armrest mounted to the seat
  • 1-hand operation
  • Forward/reverse, speed and constant drive control and operation of the control valves on the joystick

    Service Access
  • Daily service work is possible without disassembling the attachments
  • Swing-out tanks on both sides (for fuel and hydraulic oil)
  • Battery is accessible from the outside


  • 4-wheel brake
  • Inner Mudguard
  • Electronic hand and foot control
  • Digital display to show vehicle functions
    Turbo-Diesel Engine
  • Diesel particulate filter and modified exhaust system
  • Meets the latest American exhaust emission standard Tier 4 final
    Holder PowerDrive
  • Provides 40% more towing power and 50% more climbing capability than regular all-wheel drives
  • Fuel savings in excess of 30%


  • 3 attachment areas: standard front lift and optional rear lift, as well as the 3rd area over the engine
  • Easy attachment mounting: one-person and no tools required
  • Wheel-load compensation that ensures that all four wheels are in permanent contact with the ground

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