Now's the time for Fall Fertilizer

Focus on Fall Fertilizer

Now is the time to start the fourth stage of fertilizer. Many landscapers overlook late summer and fall fertilization, however it’s important to remember that these are the two MOST critical times to be fertilizing. A late summer feeding is necessary to help your lawn recover from the summer heat and drought. A fertilizer that is high in nitrogen can be very helpful in returning your lawn to a vibrant, green state. It also assists in giving your lawn a healthy appearance for the remainder of the season.

Russo carries the products you need for a healthy lawn all year long:

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Fertilization should not be the only thing on your mind as we continue into September. Early fall is the perfect time to begin aeration and over seeding. By doing this, your seed can germinate and mature before winter weather hits. This can also prevent the growth of weeds in the spring time. Lastly, early October is the best time of the year to make a blanket weed control application using one of our selective herbicides. This is the best time to prevent spring weeds, including dandelions. Stop in at any of our 5 Russo locations to speak with a Plant Health Care Specialist for more information on late summer feeding fertilizers and aerators.

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