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InfoHub is an equipment tracking program designed to make your business as efficient as possible. InfoHub helps decrease idle time, combat poor scheduling, and allows companies to avoid equipment failure and delays.

Live Crew and Equipment Tracking

The live tracking allows you to see where your crew is. It is also able to help you monitor any past locations they traveled to on any day.

Traffic Updates

InfoHub is able to provide crews with traffic patterns in order to avoid traffic on the roads and lost time.

Equipment Maintenance

The information provided allows owners to schedule maintenance based on intervals specific to their machines. Different intervals that can be used include hours, miles or time based. You can set up these alerts to come to your phone, tablet, or email and it will notify you when your equipment is due for maintenance.

Historical Activity

InfoHub allows you to look back on 18 months of history. This includes mowing patterns, travel history, operating status of the machines, and video playback.

Job Bidding & Analysis

This feature creates site mapping that provides map boundaries and non-serviceable areas of a job site. It allows you to compare these site maps with current customers. You can then customize a bid and send it straight to the customer.

Profitability & Efficiency

InfoHub generates instant profitability reports which allows you to see if you've made money or lost money on a specific job site. You can also track when your crews arrive and when they leave a job site.

Proof of Service

By tracking the equipment location and operation history, you can find information on any previous job that your crew worked on. This information can also be used as a proof of service, showing you visited certain sites and the exact cutting patterns of that job.


You can help your crews spend more time cutting by creating daily schedules and cutting travel times. It's also a way to communicate daily schedules to crews

For more information about InfoHub, visit your local Russo Power Equipment.

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