It's Haul Good!

It's Haul Good!

Finding the right trailer for your company or business can be a difficult task. Russo Power Equipment carries a variety of dealers and trailer styles, ensuring that you will find a perfect fit. We are a certified dealer that carries the following brands: Pace American, Midsota, Felling, and H & H. You may be wondering the differences between the trailer styles or what trailer would work best for a company of your size. The following information may help you decide on a specific type of trailer.

Open Trailers

  • Lighter than most enclosed trailers, so there is less wear on the towing vehicle. 
  • Easier to get things on and off or in and out of the trailer.
  • More rearview visibility when backing up or maneuvering trailer.
  • Height of your load is less important.

Enclosed Trailers

  • Items are kept in a safe, enclosed area that can be locked.
  • Machines are protected from the outdoor elements and weather.
  • Space is available on the walls to mount or hang smaller equipment.
  • Best for transporting specialty cars or expensive equipment.
  • Can be used for safe storage when not being used for travel.

Dump Trailers

  • Used to easily transport and deposit, or dump, material on job sites.
  • An alternate option to dump trucks- convenient to attach to trucks that do not always need a dump capability.
  • Most have ramp capabilities for easy load-on of heavy machinery.

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