Benefits of Liquid Power Melt

Liquid Power Melt

The Benefits of Liquid Power Melt

Russo Power Equipment has announced the introduction of our newest ice melt product- Liquid Power Melt. This product is available at all Russo locations. With competitive pricing and large volumes available, you can't go wrong. Allowing crews to work smarter and not harder, this product can save your company time and money.

Working up to –20 degrees, this liquid power melt can help you get the job done. With pre-application delays, you can use this product to prevent ice from forming. This will make plowing easier since there is no bond formed between the pavement and the snow/ice. 

Benefits of Using Liquid Power Melt

Make your business more profitable

  • Less plowing is required which will reduce your equipment wear
  • Fewer applications are necessary due to precise application rates
  • Reduced labor and increased efficiency

Environmentally Friendly Advantages

  • No harsh smell
  • Little color
  • Safe for pets, plants, metal, and concrete
  • Made from organic based carbohydrates

It's important to be knowledgeable on liquid ice melt before you use it. Knowing when your product will be most effective is important for proper application. Focusing on temperature and concentration levels is important. Stop by your local Russo Power Equipment to learn more.

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