Use Russo loaner equipment while yours is being serviced

Your mower is down for warrantied service. That's fine, but just because your equipment is out of commission doesn't mean that there are jobs that don't need to be finished... So, what do you do now? Don't stress. It's because we're only successful if you are, Russo offers loaner equipment to minimize downtime and keep you working. Simply swing by your local Russo Service Department, drop off your mower and load up a loaner. We'll try to match your make and model, but if one isn't available, we'll provide you with a comparable model to make the process as seamless as possible. The Russo Loaner Fleet doesn't stop at mowers either! We have compact utility loaders, sprayer/spreaders and more. Speak with a Russo Associate to learn more about our loaner equipment and how it will keep you productive. This is just another way that Russo has been Powering Nature's Professionals Since 1970.

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