Schedule Pick-ups & Deliveries with Russo

Before there was all this talk about artificial intelligence and driverless cars we recognized that people sometimes need help to get things done. You are constantly on the move. Go here and do this before running over there to do that. Trust us, we get it. You can create a little breathing room in your week with scheduled pick-ups and deliveries from Russo. Do you need to get those snow blowers in for a tune-up but don't have the time? We'll send a truck. Do you find yourself stopping by the store too often during the week to purchase parts? We'll stop by and stock you up. Or maybe you've purchased a large piece of equipment and you don't have a trailer to spare. This is the perfect time to let our fleet of trucks be part of yours. Our drivers are always out and about Chicagoland making deliveries and picking up units for repair. So, it's like my father always told me "You should work smart, not hard.". That's a pretty decent philosophy to have, but with Russo on your side, we'll help you work smart AND hard, and we like the sound of that even better! Stop by your local Russo location and let's chat about how we can help.

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