The Power of Power Brushes

As the end of the year quickly approaches, we are finally beginning to see some snow accumulation around Chicago. Your plow has been attached to the truck for weeks, the salt spreader is full, and your snow blower is all tuned up. So, you're all set, right? Maybe not as much as you would have hoped to be. If you clear using a two-stage snow blower, you know it's the best when you're dealing with a large amount of heavy snow, but you also know that it doesn't do well with the lighter, fluffier stuff. It also leaves behind a thin layer of snow because it doesn't make contact with the clearing surface. Some would say it's good enough and part of the job, but it doesn't have to be. Enter the power brush. Power brushes use rotating wire bristles to make contact with the ground and sweep it clean. They work excellent on slush, sleet, snow, leaves, sand, grass clippings, and more making them a valuable addition to your fleet for their all-year-round versatility. When you provide your customers with perfectly clean surfaces, you are able to charge more for your services, and stand out from your competition. If we have peaked your interest, be sure to stop by your local Russo and check out our selection of power brushes with multiple financing options available.

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