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Salt Spreaders Blog

What type of spreader do you need?

You can find the perfect spreader this winter at Russo Power Equipment. Whether you need a spreader for residential use or large commercial jobs, you can find what you need at Russo. Shop over 80 spreader options to find the one that best fits your needs.

Walk Behinds: This is the perfect option for narrow walkways and driveways. Some models may even be used year-round for other things like fertilization. Use a walk-behind/push spreader with ice melt and rock salt products that can be purchased from Russo.

Truck Mounts: Truck mounts are an easy way to turn your truck, SUV, or tractor into an ice-melting device. Russo service departments can even install tailgate spreaders for you.

Electric/Gas Spreaders: These spreaders are perfect for large-scale spreading jobs. Attach it to your truck, ATV, or utility vehicle to tackle snow efficiently.

Liquid Spray Systems: Pretreat areas before the storm hits with anti-ice liquids. Install an anti-ice sprray applicator into the back of your truck or ATV and prevent snow and ice from covering the pavement.

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