Powering Productivity: Service Contracts

Russo Service Tech maintenancing a fleet of walk-behind mowers

Even if you take it easy on your equipment, it's inevitable, that one day it will need to be serviced. When it does, is this something that you can handle yourself? Let's say that it is. Now, do you have the spare time or parts on-hand to do it? Don't feel bad if you answered "no" because most other landscapers don't either. This is why Russo's Service Departments offer service contracts. We'll customize a program around your business so that you can forget about downtime. One monthly fee covers all maintenance labor so that the only cost associated with repairs, is parts. This also includes weekly pick-ups and drop-offs of serviced equipment or orders, weekly on-site maintenance, repairs while you wait, and faster turn-around times. Also, to make sure you don't miss a beat, if we cannot make a repair quick enough, we'll supply you with a loaner until it's complete.

Now, take all those benefits and add them to not having to pay for a mechanic on staff, as well as a lower overhead because you're not stocking tons of spare. What does that leave you? Extra time and more money. Let Russo work for you. This is just another way that Russo has been powering nature's professionals since 1970.

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