Single Stage Snow Blower Replacement Paddles

When you want your single-stage snow blower to work at peak performance, it is important to keep up with the maintenance of its paddles. As they wear out, you will feel like you are pushing the blower more than being pulled by it. This is because the paddles are making less contact with the pavement and less contact means more snow left behind.

When replacing worn out paddles, there are two popular choices to choose from, rubber or polyurethane. Below you will find a comparison between the two.

When should you replace your single stage snow blower paddles?

Rubber Paddles are what come stock on a single-stage snow blower. They are a flexible, tire-like, material and are available in both OEM and aftermarket varieties. Most are equipped with an indicator to let you know when they need to be changed. Rubber paddles are less expensive then polyurethane ones but wear out faster and do not maintain their edge as well. Rubber is also vulnerable to chemicals such as oil, petrol, salt, and antifreeze.

Polyurethane Paddles are the more durable alternative to rubber that offer a longer lifespan (3-4 times) and retain their edge throughout their use. Where rubber finds itself vulnerable to things like salt and oil, polyurethane is resistant. They are slightly more expensive than rubber paddles, however, since their lifespan is 3-4 times longer, you actually spend less money in the long run.

Whether you choose rubber or polyurethane replacement paddles, the professionals at Russo Power Equipment also recommend replacing the scraper bar at the same time as we often find that they wear at about the same rate. By keeping these parts well maintained, you will find your single-stage snow blower continuing to make easy work of clearing snow.

Rubber VS Polyurethane Paddles Test

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