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Stage 5 Winterizer

As we head into late October and November, it's important to remember Stage 5 of fertilization. This stage is the winterizer stage. Your grass needs to be prepared for the harsh, cold weather that is coming in the next few months. The nutrient supply from this round of fertilization will allow your grass to withstand the cold temperatures. Your grass will be looking green in the early spring.

A winterizer is not meant to help your grass in the fall, but rather support it for the months ahead. The best time to apply is when your grass is done growing for the fall. When the air temperature drops, the roots of your grass store the fertilizer from stage 5. As it becomes warmer in the spring, the fertilizer from these reserves is used to ensure quick growth of your grass.

You can find the following products at your local Russo location to help your grass get through winter and flourish in the spring:

33-0-4: 20% XCU

32-0-8: 50% Fortify-N and 2% Iron

For more information about the importance of winterizer, visit the following article. What is lawn winterizer?

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