Stand-on Aerators - Why walk when you can ride?

Aerating your turf is an important step towards the overall goal of a healthy, beautiful lawn. If you would like to know more about why and when you should aerate, check out our blog post: Fall Lawn Care Basics, where we go into a little more detail. This post will cover how a stand-on aerator will make you more productive when compared to using a walk behind model.

Much like stand-on mowers, stand-on aerators have been on the market for a while. Until recently, you really didn't see many around because they were often thought of as a novelty. Today, contractors are paying more attention towards maximizing their productivity to improve their bottom line. It's because of this shift and the advancement in technology, that stand-on aerators are now coveted amongst landscapers.

Maneuverability is everything.

Maneuverability is everything. If you have ever used a walk-behind aerator, you know the draining amount of effort that it takes to operate. You have to put your whole body into turns while maintaining constant downward pressure to make penetration when on hard or uneven surfaces. This brings us to the three key advantages of a stand-on aerator: efficiency and speed, operator comfort and reduced fatigue, and consistent tine penetration—even in hard, compacted soil.

With transport and operation speeds up to 7mph, zero-turn capability, and ability to change plug depth on the fly, you'll cover far more ground in less time. If that wasn't enough, add in a floating operator platform for reduced vibration. Now your comfort matches your performance. There is no question that aerating is something that you should be doing to improve your turf. The real question is, why walk when you could ride?

To learn more about how adding a stand-on aerator to your fleet will increasing productivity, stop by your local Russo. We'll answer any questions you may have from financing to service. While you're there, check out our selection of available Toro and Ryan models.

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