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Stihl Robotic Lawn Mower

As automatic mowers become more prevalent in our society, Stihl introduces the iMow robotic mower. This mower is used for automatic maintenance of your lawn in a quiet, convenient manner. While these machines are used in residential areas, many commercial contractors and municipalities are turning to the robotic mowers as well.

How does the unit know when to mow?

The iMow has a timeframe that can be decided and set by the user. The mower decides when the best time to cut the grass is within that timeframe. It adapts based on weather as well. The mower is capable in the rain, but rain sensors can be turned on if you do not want it to.

What if the mower gets stolen?

Every unit has a PIN number that must be entered before accessing the menu. The PIN number can never be changed, even if someone was to steal the unit and reset it.

Is the mower noisy?

The iMow is specifically designed to be quiet. It is noiseless and can be used to mow at night without disrupting anyone.

Can the mower be used on lawns or areas with slopes?

The mower can handle slopes up to 22-24 degrees, depending on the model. The RMI 422 P can handle up to 22 degrees and the RMI 632 P can handle up to 24 degree slopes.

When and how does the mower charge?

The mower is able to charge at times that best work with the mowing schedule you set up for it. If you prefer the mower to only operate during the day, it can charge overnight slowly to extend the battery life.

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