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Stay Safe on The Job

Your crew's safety should always come first. Simple measures can be taken to ensure they are kept safe on the job. High visibility clothing is one of these options. Utility Pro offers a range of products from high visibility jackets to insect repellant lined clothing.

Benefits of Insect Repellant

  • Protects against a variety of bugs: mosquitoes, ticks, midges, chiggers, flies, ants, fleas, and spiders. 
  • The insect guard works in two ways. It not only repels the insects, but if the insect bites the fabric is short-wires their nervous system.
  • You can wash your garment up to 50 times before the effectiveness of the insect guard decreases.
  • This product is not only safe to wear, but protects you against exposure to sunlight and insects.

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