Buckingham SB95059 Steel Contoured Tree Climber Set

Price $259.99

Buckingham SB95059 Steel Contoured Tree Climber Set 
This complete steel tree climber set is a Popular choice. Steel Contoured Tree Climber Set with Offset Stirrup, Dowel & Screw Replaceable Gaffs, Nylon Straps & Leather Pads.

Contoured shank
Offset stirrup
Dowel & screw replaceable gaff
2239 nylon leg straps
21391 nylon foot straps
3122 climber pads
Includes standard length sleeves [9204] adjusting from 16 1/4" to 18 3/4".

2239 Nylon Leg Straps
21391 Nylon Foot Straps
3122 Climber Pads

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