Genuine OEM Echo X472000012 Drum Lid

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Genuine OEM Echo X472000012 Drum Lid

Fits The following models:

78890-11000 Speed-Feed 375 Head


99944200902 Speed-Feed 375 Trimmer Head
C242 S/N: T16512001001 - T16512999999
C242 S/N: T16611001001 - T16611999999
C242 S/N: T16713001001 - T16713999999
PAS-225 S/N: S59511003001 - S59511999999
PAS-225 S/N: S59612022001 - S59612999999
SRM-225 S/N: S03912001001 - S03912999999
SRM-225 S/N: S04011001001 - S04011051695
SRM-225 S/N: S04011051696 - S04011080624
SRM-225 S/N: S04011080625 - S04011135821
SRM-225 S/N: S04113001001 - S04113999999
SRM-225 S/N: S89312001001 - S89312013423
SRM-225 S/N: S89312013424 - S89312308190
SRM-225 S/N: S89413001001 - S89413999999
SRM-225 S/N: S94726001001 - S94726999999
SRM-225i S/N: S08712001001 - S08712999999
SRM-225i S/N: S54911001001 - S54911999999
SRM-225i S/N: S55013001001 - S55013999999
SRM-225U S/N: S79012001001 - S79012999999
SRM-225U S/N: S79111001001 - S79111999999
SRM-225U S/N: S79213001001 - S79213999999
SRM-230 S/N: S65611018707 - S65611054954
SRM-230 S/N: S65611054955 - S65611069327
SRM-230 S/N: S73112127551 - S73112328927
SRM-230 S/N: S73112328928 - S73112429314
SRM-230 S/N: S80613004474 - S80613012846
SRM-230 S/N: S80613012847 - S80613017149
T242 S/N: T16212001001 - T16212999999
T242 S/N: T16311001001 - T16311999999
T242 S/N: T16413001001 - T16413999999
T242X S/N: T20011001001 - T20011999999
T242X S/N: T20112001001 - T20112999999
T242X S/N: T20213001001 - T20213999999



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