AR 3000 PSI Spray Gun Hose & Wand Kit

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AR 3000 PSI Spray Gun Hose & Wand Kit
The Spray Guns with Lance Extensions feature a simple screw connection of a lance and gun to have better reach and easier cleaning. Hooks up with tools. 

Oil Resistant Synthetic Rubber Hoses will meet the pressure ranges for consumer needs.

Lance Extensions allow easy switching between high pressure cleaning and low pressure chemical application. Stainless Steel pipes with molded grip provide durable performance using chemical products that would attack a plated lance. Zinc pipes work well for normal cleaning applications with non-corrosive products. Available with Vented Grips to allow comfortable usage of a lance assembly where hot water would normally prevent it. User’s hands won’t contact the heated lance.

5909 Spray Gun Specifications:
Max GPM: 6.5
Max PSI: 3000
Inlet: 22mmx1.5 F
Outlet: 22mmx1.5
Max Temp: 140° F
Extension Length: 19"

Hose Specifications:
Max PSI: 3000
Inlet: 22x14
Outlet: 22mm
Max Temp: 140° F
Length: 25’
Inner Diameter: 1/4”

AL248-CSC Wand Specifications:
Max GPM: 10.5
Max PSI: 5000
Inlet: 22mmx1.4 M
Outlet: 1/4” F QC
Max Temp: 302° F
Body Type: Zinc

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WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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