At Height Inc RP280ST Singing Tree Rope Wrench With Teather

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At Height Inc RP280ST Singing Tree Rope Wrench With Teather

The Singing Tree Rope Wrench is a new invention designed for climbing and descending a single part of the line in a manner that closely mimics the doubled rope technique (DdRT), as commonly practiced by arborists.

It is refined with rounded edges, smooth bolts and pins, and the high-end construction you’d expect from ISC.

In short, the Rope Wrench is designed to create drag above a rope-tied friction hitch to reduce resistance so that it is comparable to the doubled rope technique (DdRT). Without the Rope Wrench, the amount of grip resulting from a directly tied friction hitch supporting a climber’s weight makes controlled descent nearly impossible. The hitch is not only difficult to release, but the heat friction is incredibly high.

The Rope Wrench accommodates ONLY “arborist-grade” climbing lines (11-13 mm) interacting with spliced, heat resistant, eye-to-eye prusik cord (8-10 mm) and requires a micropulley/carabiner attachment to the saddle.

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