All Gear AGLFR34 3/4" Low Friction Ring

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All Gear AGLFR34 3/4" Low Friction Ring
3/4" All Gear, Inc. Low Friction Rings are made of Premium Aluminum and Aircraft Quality Coating for a Super Smooth Glide when running rigging line through the middle. Excellent add-on to all Dead Eye Slings, Whoopie Slings and Ring to Ring Slings.

Easier and faster than a block rigging system
Ammo blue aircraft quality coating helps retain quality and glide
Light and easy to handle
Simply quick rigging

Rigging line is wrapped around the outside an run through the middle
Lowering lines ( Bull Rope)
Whoopie Slings
12- Strand and double braid composite slings
Ring to Ring Sling 

Size: 3/4" 
SWL: 7,000 lbs
Package: H.D. Bag
Color: Ammo Blue 

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