Fred Marvin Big Shot Sling Shot Throw Line Kit

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Big Shot Throw Line Kit
Get your line in the tree with our arborist throw line kits. Installing your climbing line and friction saver in a tree starts with a good throw line. Give yourself a helping hand with three different throw weights. The Big Shot Sling makes quick work of getting a working line into positon. Maximize your throws and eliminate recoil with the Big Shot Slig shot. When you are finished "Flake" your line into this durable folding storage cube to avoid tangles, snarls, kinks, and twists. The Big Shot Throw Line Kit  saves you time, money and energy. 

Kit Includes:
1 - Fred Marvin PKGBS4 Big Shot 4' Fiberglass Pole (Base and Mid)
1 - All Gear AGPTL18200 Slick Neon Orange & Yellow Throw Line

1 - 08-07190 Cube
1 - 08-98318R 12oz Throw Bag
1 - 08-98319O 14oz Throw Bag
1 - 08-98320G 16oz Throw Bag

Fred Marvin PKGBS4 Big Shot 4' Fiberglass Base Pole and Mid Pole
One of the most effective means of launching a throw weight bag accurately into tree canopies and over other high targets. The BIG SHOT head fits easily into the female ferrule of an extension pole and locks into place with a spring clip.

All Gear AGPTL18200 Slick Throw Line Neon Orange and Yellow Arborist Throw Line 1/8" x 200 
All Gear's Polyethylene Throw Line is made to be extremely slick. "Target Line" has a striped pattern and is braided firmly to avoid snagging and abrasion. 

Weaver 08-07190 Throw Line Cube Storage Bag
Organize and store throw lines and weights with this roomy cube that folds down to compact traingle. Weaver's durably constructed cube offers plenty of storage with a rooomy outside pocket and two smaller interior pockets. Great for both aerial and ground people. The end of the throw line secures with a hook and loop strap and dee ring. Cube measures 16.5" and collapses to a small triangle that is secured with a hook and loop strap.

Weaver Condora Throw Bags
Aerodynamic design helps increase the range of the throw. The moving action of the #8 shot that fills these Cordura® weights helps prevent the weights from hanging up in tree branches. The coated lead shot is contained in a latex pouch for environmental protection. A 7/8" nickel plated ring for attachment of a rope or poly pilot line is box-stitched to each weight. The weight is screen printed on throw weight for easy identification.

Fred Marvin PKGBS4 Big Shot 4' Fiberglass Base Pole and Mid Pole
Length of Fiberglass Poles: 4' 

All Gear AGPTL18200 Slick Throw Line Neon Orange & Yellow Arborist Throw Line 1/8" X 200'
Size: 1/8" x 200'
Avg Break: 250 lbs
Color: Neon Yellow and Orange 

Weaver 08-07190 Throw Line Cube Storage Bag 
Collapses to a triangle for easy storage.
Cube: 16.5" 

Weaver 12oz, 14oz, 16oz  Orange Cordura Throw Bag
Weight: 12oz, 14oz, 16 oz
Color: May vary from photo
Ring Size: 7/8" 
Materials: Nickel plated ring, nylon, coated lead shot, latex

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