SnowEx VSS-3000 AccuSpray De-Icing Sprayer

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SnowEx VSS-3000 AccuSpray De-Icing Sprayer
Designed specifically for brine applications, these truck-mounted sprayers are quiet, easy to maintain and ideal for most off-road applications. These fully electric-powered units help contractors reduce salt usage while increasing their level of service.

The VSS-2000 and VSS-3000 sprayers feature three spray zones, which are individually powered by electric pumps. The multi-zone control turns each of these zones on and off for ground spraying, curb spraying or spot spraying.

Liquid surges place significant stress on the vehicle when stopping or turning. The baffled tanks reduce the impact, helping to prolong vehicle life.
The left and right ends of the boom include specialized curb spraying nozzles, allowing you to accurately target curb areas with brine.
The center boom nozzles are adjustable for three spray settings: triple stream, single stream or wide fan. These settings make the sprayers highly adaptable for a wide variety of conditions.

Multi-Zone Control
Baffled Tanks
Curb Spray Nozzles
3-position Nozzles
Work Light

Caution: Viscous or tacky substances or those containing solid particles are not recommended as these will clog pumps and nozzles.
Warning: DO NOT USE any products containing petroleum or petroleum by-products of any kind. These destroy seals and will void warranty.

Empty Weight: 520 lbs
Overall Length: 94"
Overall Height:68"
Overall Width: 82" Boom
Floor Length: 80"
Floor Width: 39"
Tank Length: 60"
Tank Width: 42"
Capacity: 300 Gal.
Spraying Width: Up to 25'
Spraying Volume: 20 gal per acre at 10 mph
Speed Control: On/Off switch for each pump
Wiring Harness: Completely loomed with molded plugs
Frame: Powder Coated Steel
Tank: One-piece LLDPE safety yellow poly tank with baffles 
Motors: 12-Volt direct-drive pumps
Mounting: Straps Included
Cover: LLDPE cover over mechanical
Material Compatibility: Salt Brine, Calcium Chloride Brine, and Premium Branded Liquids

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WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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