Quick-Step Haas Velox Ascent System

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Quick-Step Haas Velox Ascent System 
The Haas works by utilizing the length of the lower tether to house operational bungee, which then transfers its energy to advancing the ascender up via the hollow tether. The result is a clean, small, light, efficient, cost-effective ascent system. A foot ascender and a HAAS is an entire ascent system for SRT or DRT. It can be added and removed from your system in a matter of seconds and can be set up with all current life support systems.

Kit Contains:

(1) 08-98110 Haas Velox System
(1) 2D654D CT Right Foot Ascender

HAAS 08-98110 Velox Ascent System

If you have ever wanted to climb with two-foot ascenders, now you can! The HAAS is a non-traditional foot ascender that can be used in conjunction with a traditional foot ascender on the other foot. The HAAS allows you to walk up a rope as if you were walking a ladder, making it one of, if not the fastest easiest ways to enter a tree. The HAAS works great in double systems as well as SRT, in a double system all that is needed is a HAAS and a traditional foot ascender, both can be purchased at Russo Power Equipment.

The bungee is terminated at the top of the HAAS Velox, travels down through a channel to the bottom where it is wrapped around sealed stainless steel bearings inside of a machined aluminum block for minimum friction. It then returns back up a second channel where it is tied to the snap. The result is 31 inches of inline bungee are contained in the system at rest, allowing 30 inches to be extracted under load. Bungee is replaceable in under 5 min with no tools!

Easy to Use
Straight Inline Pull
100% Captured advancement of other foot
Can be used in right or left foot application
Allows for very fast ascent

At Height Inc 2D654D Quick-Step A Right Foot Ascender

Equipped with a lever that keeps the device open, thus facilitating the insertion of the rope and preventing it from coming out. Cam/lever mechanism totally integrated with the body.

Developer to grip also on dirty and icy ropes, thanks to the self-cleaning cam. Fully adjustable webbing for a correct positioning. Reinforcement on the lower side with a tubular webbing. Well balanced, it doesn't twist under load.

Sizes Available: Regular and Long
Materials Used: Custom Teufelberger Rope, Full Brass Swivel Boat Snap, Superior Grade Bungie, Custom Line, CT Chest Ascender

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