Clarke Vantage 14 Autoscrubber 9087345020

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Clarke Vantage 14 Autoscrubber 9087345020

Patented Rotating Deck

Never skip those hard-to-reach areas again. The Vantage 14’s integrated rotating deck enables complete scrubbing in both forward and backward directions, allowing operators to easily clean under and around obstacles. Simply push the machine forward; then when needed, easily flip the machine up to allow the deck to quickly rotate for reverse scrubbing operation. With fast and easy scrubbing and water pick-up in all directions, the Vantage 14 leaves a clean, dry surface to boost your facility’s appearance.

Effortless & Reliable Operation

Employing brush-assisted operation, the Vantage 14 does the hard pushing for you, requiring significantly less physical labor. Adjustable water flow allows you to quickly switch between high or low flow settings, making it easy to tackle the job at hand. Say goodbye to annoying cords and limited scrubbing time and maximize your productivity with the Vantage 14’s fully-accessible, maintenance-free battery, which provides up to 100 minutes of scrubbing on a single charge. An onboard battery charger allows operators to charge the machine in any electrical outlet.

Fast, Simple Maintenance

The Vantage 14’s easily-accessible, removable 3 gallon recovery tank and 2.5 gallon solution tank can be quickly filled, drained and cleaned away from the machine, ensuring less mess and minimal equipment maintenance. All machine components are accessible without the need for tools—including the squeegee, which features simple, one hand removal. When you’re done, simply fold the handle and transport the Vantage 14 to storage.


  • Gas Stations
  • Convenience Stores
  • Food Service
  • Kitchen and Restaurants
  • Education Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Retail Stores


  • Patented, rotating deck enables complete scrubbing in both forward and backward directions
  • Full battery-powered operation and onboard battery charger minimizes downtime and guarantees continuous scrubbing performance
  • Compact, maneuverable design allows cleaning in areas with limited space
  • Quiet operation, at only 64 dB A, makes daytime cleaning possible
  • Brush-assisted operation minimizes required physical labor, allowing operators to scrub longer

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WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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