Oregon 82-022 Spindle Assembly

Price $65.67

Replaces OEM Part Numbers:

Exmark: 1-323532, 1-513016, 1-634619, 103-2477, 103-2533, 103-2547, 103-2548, 103-8280, 103-8353

Fits Models:

Exmark: 160 Models, FMD524, FMD604, Front Runner Decks, Lazer AS, Lazer HP 523, Lazer Z, Lazer Z AC, Lazer Z AS, Lazer Z Air Cooled 604, Lazer Z CT, Lazer Z HP, Lazer Z LC, Lazer Z XP, Lazer Z XS, Lazer Z XS Air Cooled, MG16KA322P, MG16KA322PCA, MG16KA362, MG16KA362CA, MG16KA362P, MG16KA483, MG16KA483CA, MG16KA483P, MG481KA322P, MG481KA362, MG481KA362CA, MG481KA362P, MG481KA483, MG481KA483CA, MG481KA483P, MGS481CKA36200, MGS481CKA48300, MGS481GKA322P0, MSKABBC26, Metro 26, Metro Five Speed, Metro HP, Next Lazer ASX, Next Lazer Z Propane, Phazer, TTS16KA363, TTS16KA363CA, TTS16KA483, TTS16KA483CA, TTS16KA523, TTS20KAE483, TTS20KAE483CA, TTS20KAE523, TTS20PKAE483, TTS20PKAE523, TTS481KA363, TTS481KA363CA, TTS481KA483, TTS541KA483CA, TTS541KA523, Turf Ranger, Turf Tracer HP, Turf Tracer Hydro, VHS481GKA36200, VHS481GKA48300, Viking Hydro

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