Oregon 75-240 Belt 5/8" x 36"

Price $22.19

Replaces OEM Part Numbers:

Bobcat: 38016, 38016N, 38073N

Exmark: 1-303078, 303078

Snapper: 7-6680, 7076498, 7076680, 7076680YP, 76498, 76680

Fits Models:

Bobcat: M54-12KA, XM3203, XM3204, XM3205, XM3211, XM3603, XM3604, XM3605, XM3608, XM3609, XM3611, XM3620, XM4803, XM4804, XM4805, XM4808, XM4809, XM4810, XM5402, XM5403, XM5412, XM5421

Snapper: W32080, W32081, W32120, W32120K, W32121, W32121K, W36120, W36120K, W36121, W36121K, W48120, W48120K, W48121, W48121K, W48140S

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WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. For more information, go to